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Are you too heavy to ride?

Are you considered too heavy to ride your horse?

“Choose healthy foods opposed to the latest diet.”

A sensitive issue but it is an issue that is being addressed by some. Recently I read in a UK Too heavy to ride - The Practical Nutritionist
publication, Horse and Rider (November 2016), “eight riders were asked to dismount as they were deemed too heavy for their mounts.” It is a new rule and the first of its kind to be upheld at a major horse show, the Great Yorkshire Show, and with support of a vet. It was well received by many, as one show organiser said, “A 12hh pony being ridden by a big adult is just wrong.”

So, what is considered an acceptable weight of the rider against a horse? The standard is the rider weighs no more than 20% of the horses weight, so if a horse weighs 1000lbs then the rider should not weigh more than 200lbs, there are other factors to consider also but this is the general rule of thumb. This is not to discourage people from riding it is about the welfare of the horse. Horses are sensitive and somewhat fragile so matching horse to rider partly based on weight should not be seen as unacceptable. In fact, most riding establishments will ask the persons height and weight before allocating a horse.

In terms of nutritional support for the horse rider and for those concerned about their weight, one of the best things to start with is a food dairy. The food dairy should include anything that is consumed; medication, supplements, food, drink, cigarettes, tea/coffee with sugar etc. You can do a 7 day food dairy and at the end you can see what you have consumed and see what changes can be made. However, it is better to have an impartial person, like myself, analyze your food dairy and find ways to help you improve your weight goals and provide nutritional and lifestyle goals. What you may think as healthy because of all the advertising and marketing talk may in fact be full of sugar, I have seen this time and time again.

Start right and invest in your health. The advice I provide is not about giving you an unattainable diet plan or putting you on the latest fad diet. It is about looking at your food choices, making sustainable changes that are realistic and practical and works for you.

My offer to you: You can download my food dairy template for free, fill-out the form. If you would like to go a step further send me your food dairy and I will review it for $50 (CAD) and provide you with feedback. Please contact me should you wish to discuss further.

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