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Fabulous Personal Events that Happened in 2016

2016 has been a roller-coaster ride. It has been packed full of  personal goals, achievements and more. In the main it has been eventful. I hope you enjoy  reading this post, perhaps you might relate, either way share your story, know you are not alone and strive forward into 2017.

Fabulous Personal Events that Happened in 2016Fabulous Things 2016 The Practical Nutritionist

  1. After a solid year of intense learning, studying, writing many, many case studies… I am an Holistic Nutritionist. I studied at CSNN in Vancouver and they have a great selection of knowledgeable, supportive instructors, including ND’s, scientists, researchers, past students, a professional chef and those who specialize.
  2. I can ski! On the last day of class I headed to Big White with my family and we hit the slopes. After being a reluctant and nervous skier for a number of years I can ski green slopes without an instructor in tow. I had a dreadful experience skiing many years ago and swore I would never step foot in a skis, so this is a big achievement.
  3. I set up The Practical Nutritionist. After graduating from CSNN, I set up this website and started my business. This is not my first time setting up a company and I have future plans to expand. I have been growing my business organically and aim to build my client base in 2017. I am super excited and can’t wait to meet new people.
  4. I did my first talk. I delivered a presentation at my kids school about the digestive system (providing a science element to their learning) and discussed healthy snacks. It was well received and I plan to do more talks to all age groups in the future. Kids can be scary to present to, they can be brutally honest!!!
  5. I love writing blogs. I do! I get to dump all my thoughts, training and knowledge and share it to the world. I love to share. I still have to work on some areas but that will come with time and experience. Luckily for me I have an editor (my husband is a word-smith), today though I let him have the day off, so this is the real me, my words, my grammatical errors – it’s raw and it’s beautiful.
  6. I love Instagram a little too much. I post a lot of pictures on their, it is my creative outlet. Follow me please.
  7. My passion for horses has been rekindled. Sadly and unexpectedly, this year I lost a very dear person in my life. She was the person who took me to my first riding lesson as a little girl, she encouraged me along the way and I grew in strength personally (I was an incredibly shy child). I miss her dearly but through the tough times I remember the good times. It forced me to reflect and dig deep into what I have been missing in life (I had felt a void for quite some time). I hadn’t realized up until this point but I had suppressed my passion and desire for too many years.
  8. Due to my love of horses I decided to take a course in Equine Nutrition with Equine Distance Learning. My aim was to complete it by the end of the year and yesterday I received my certificate of training.  I love to see how nutrition has changed and how an holistic approach to people also applies to animals. It is the start of something wonderful.
  9. UK travel and visitors. I miss my old country, I crave it around Christmas since this is where my family live and many of my husband’s. We traveled in autumn to visit family (a family wedding) and friends in the England (it has been 4 years) and I am so happy we did. I also had plenty of visitors here in Canada. One of my old friends came to visit for the first time since I got married (many years ago) and my parents like to come over regularly. I love seeing them all and I dearly miss them.
  10. The FREE 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge was created and I ran it in the summer this year and will be running it again in 2017. Sign-up and you could win a consultation with me. The first round was really fun. It was a nice group of people, sharing their stories on the Facebook (closed group) page. The challenge is very easy to follow and is meant to be fun.
  11. Volunteer work! Surprisingly and unexpectedly I got a call asking if I would be interested in become a co-chair person for a community kitchen that is in its final stages of implementation. I jumped at the chance. I love project work, organizing and events, when I worked in the corporate world this was my job. Not only will this give me exposure from a business perspective it will also give me some experience on another level.
  12. Trust my instincts. Gosh! I can’t tell you how many times I have doubted myself, ran with someone else’s ideas and it going terribly wrong. I still need to listen to myself more, it is a work-in-progress because when I have, I have achieved great things.
  13. Passion! I know from building a business previously, if you are passionate about what you do you will succeed. I know my passion and I have plans to develop further.

To my dedicated followers, thank you so much. I hope you continue reading my blogs and share your stories  – I couldn’t do this without you!

Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see you all in 2017!



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